Vegan Bacon Model La Vie Launches Plant-Based Ham

Vegan pork brand La Vie has introduced the start of its very first ever plant-based mostly ham. 

The France-based mostly business, which is regarded for its vegan bacon, introduced the new product at an function in Paris previous 7 days. The ham, which took 4 years to build, is reported to element a very similar flavor, smell, and texture to the genuine matter. Like ham designed from pig meat, it is sliced using a trancheuse.

The ham is accessible to obtain in France now, and is set for launch in the Uk early up coming calendar year. The ham comes in two flavors (typical and smoked), functions seven components, and consists of 19.5g of protein for every 100g. Ingredients involve pea protein, soy protein, radish juice concentrate, acidity regulator (potassium acetate), salt, all-natural flavorings, and vegan lactic acid.

The added benefits of vegan ham

A vegan ham and butter sandwich using La Vie's new plant-based ham
La Vie La Vie is proving well-liked with the escalating quantity of meat-absolutely free people in France

Ham is a well known solution in France, made use of in standard food items like jambon-beurre (a ham and butter baguette) and croque monsieur (a incredibly hot ham and cheese sandwich). La Vie is hoping that the new products will show a feasible alternate for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians throughout the place. 

As opposed to ham designed from pig meat, the vegan edition is cost-free from nitrites, a preservative utilized in processed pork merchandise that has been linked to greater risk of cancer. 

Around the globe, much more than a billion pigs are killed for food each individual yr. Opting for vegan ham therefore indicates abstaining from contributing to this sector. In the United kingdom, all-around two thirds of pigs are elevated on manufacturing unit farms. Many are also being housed in the increasing number of “mega farms” in the place. 

Woman pigs – known as sows – will usually be stored in farrowing crates (cages not a lot bigger than them) for 6 months after providing delivery. Their newborn babies will suckle from a little spot next to her (identified as “the creep”), but she will not be ready to obtain, nuzzle, or acquire care of her young children. Piglets will normally have their tails slice off and teeth clipped with no pain relief. This is to keep away from them injuring each other thanks to stress. 

When they are ready to be slaughtered (at close to 5 – six months of age), the majority of pigs will be gassed to dying with a large focus of CO2 gasoline. This forms an acid on soaked surfaces, like pigs’ eyes, lungs, and throats. Authorities have mentioned that this system of slaughter brings about them to “burn up from the inside of out.”

The rise of plant-primarily based pork

A vegan bacon sandwich containing rashers from plant-based brand La Vie
La Vie La Vie is acknowledged for its vegan bacon

With rising consciousness of the prices of pig meat, the recognition of plant-centered pork is rising. A report revealed in 2020 identified that the sector would surpass USD $10.5 billion by 2030. La Vie is one particular of a number of brand names creating vegan pork solutions. It’s most effective recognised for its bacon, which it sells in rasher and lardon form.

Amid expanding need for vegan meat, the authorities in France – where La Vie is based mostly – just lately announced it would be making an attempt a ban on “misleading” meaty terms for plant-primarily based merchandise. If the ban is enacted, brand names won’t be equipped to use text like steak, spare ribs, ham, and butcher on their goods.

“This new draft decree reflects our need to place an conclusion to misleading claims… by employing names relating to meat products and solutions for foodstuffs that do not include them,” French Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau mentioned in a assertion. He also said that it is an “issue of transparency and honesty responding to the genuine expectations of customers and producers.”

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