‘She is wasting a lot of food’

A chef husband is fed up with his wife’s horrible cooking and messy kitchen habits.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His wife tends to dirty up the kitchen even when completing a simple task. Moreover, she is a terrible cook who makes inedible food. After she made a horrible vodka pasta, he put his foot down and refused to eat her cooking. 

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“My wife is a disaster in the kitchen,” he explained. “She leaves a huge mess behind after she’s done with cooking. She uses a zillion utensils even to make a coffee. Today, she said she learned this new recipe from her mom and went into the kitchen to prepare it. When she was done, it turned out to be vodka pasta. It tasted horrible because she added an entire bottle of vodka. She also put too much salt and it ended up tasting like salt with pasta on the side rather than pasta seasoned with salt. So I told her to make whatever she wants only for herself and never for me and also to clean up the kitchen after she’s done cooking.”

The husband feels stretched too thin between work and home to compensate for his wife’s faux pas in the kitchen. 

“To add, I’ve always cooked for us ever since we got married,” he said. “I don’t even mind cooking for her. She has no reason to cook for both of us. She says she wants to learn to cook. So I told her to make herself food and I’ll taste a bit to tell her where she could do better. I work as a chef at a restaurant and I work nearly 12 hours a day. So I have just enough time to get as much work done as possible at home and then go to sleep. When my wife cooks, the food turns out to be inedible and it ends up in the trash. Then, I have to clean up, cook again and them clean up once again. So it’s so much work for me.”

Redditors thought the husband was right in this situation. 

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“It’s all difficult nonetheless. But if you can’t cook in the first place, let’s start off with crawling (following the recipe) before we learn to run,” a user said

“It sounds like she is wasting a lot of food,” another commented

“How did she feed herself before she met you?” someone wrote

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