Parisian Street Crepes: Ham, Egg, And Gruyere Delight

Paris, the city of love, lights, and culinary wonders, is renowned for its vibrant food culture. Among the many gastronomic delights that the city has to offer, Parisian street crepes hold a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. These delicate, thin pancakes, made from a simple batter of flour, eggs, milk, and butter, are filled with a myriad of delicious ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors that are hard to resist. In this article, we will delve into the world of Parisian street crepes, with a particular focus on the mouthwatering combination of ham, egg, and Gruyere cheese.

The Art of Crepe-making:

Before we explore the tantalizing flavors of the ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe, it is essential to understand the art of crepe-making. The process begins with the preparation of the crepe batter. A well-balanced batter, with the right proportions of flour, eggs, milk, and butter, is crucial in achieving the perfect texture and taste. The batter is then left to rest, allowing the gluten to relax and the flavors to meld together.

Next comes the cooking technique, which requires precision and finesse. A special crepe pan, called a “bilig” or “crepiere,” is heated over a medium-high flame. The pan is then lightly greased with butter to prevent sticking. A ladleful of batter is poured onto the hot pan, and it is quickly spread in a circular motion using a wooden spreader called a “rozell.” The crepe is cooked for a short time on one side until it becomes golden brown and delicately crisp. Then, it is flipped over and cooked for a few more seconds before being removed from the pan.

The Perfect Marriage of Ingredients:

Now let us turn our attention to the star of the show, the ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe. This delectable combination brings together the richness of ham, the creaminess of Gruyere cheese, and the silkiness of a perfectly cooked egg. The marriage of these ingredients creates a harmonious blend of flavors that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Ham, a staple in French cuisine, adds a savory and smoky note to the crepe. The preferred choice is usually jambon de Paris, a delicately cured ham that is thinly sliced and has a mild, delicate flavor. The ham is carefully layered onto the crepe, providing a salty contrast to the other ingredients.

Gruyere cheese, a semi-hard Swiss cheese with a nutty and slightly sweet taste, adds a creamy richness to the crepe. When melted, it creates a luscious, gooey texture that enhances the overall experience. The cheese is generously grated and sprinkled over the ham, allowing it to melt and fuse with the other elements.

Finally, the crowning glory of the ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe is the perfectly cooked egg. A fresh egg is cracked onto the crepe just before it finishes cooking. The heat from the crepe and the pan gently cooks the egg, creating a silky, golden yolk that oozes out when the crepe is folded. The egg adds a velvety richness and a touch of decadence to the already tantalizing combination of flavors.

Serving and Enjoying the Crepe:

Once the crepe is cooked to perfection, it is folded into a neat and compact package. The edges are carefully sealed, ensuring that none of the delicious fillings escape. The crepe is then served hot, either wrapped in a paper cone or on a plate. It is often garnished with a sprinkling of freshly chopped herbs, such as chives or parsley, to add a burst of freshness.

When it comes to enjoying the ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe, there are no rules. Some prefer to savor it as a quick and satisfying breakfast on the go, while others enjoy it as a leisurely lunch or dinner option. The crepe can be eaten with a fork and knife or held in your hands, allowing you to relish every bite of this culinary masterpiece.


Parisian street crepes, with their delicate texture and endless filling possibilities, are a quintessential part of the Parisian food scene. The ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe, in particular, is a symphony of flavors that showcases the culinary expertise of the city. The combination of savory ham, creamy Gruyere cheese, and a perfectly cooked egg creates a taste sensation that is hard to resist. So, the next time you find yourself wandering the charming streets of Paris, be sure to indulge in a ham, egg, and Gruyere crepe and experience the magic of this Parisian street food delight.

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