Old Ghaziabad is street food rich!

Ghaziabad: The variety of street food in old Ghaziabad is as rich as the city’s pride. In Ghaziabad, the old traditions and new flavours come together when it comes to street food. There are several old shops in old Ghaziabad that have been there for over sixty years. If you are someday craving for some delectable street treats, don’t think twice before rushing to old Ghaziabad.

Here are some places which serve best street food the city has to offer-

Deepak Kaanji Vada, Agrasen Bazaar

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In Agrasen Bazaar, you can find Kanji Vada, which still remains absent from the lanes of Delhi. Kanji Vada is a lightweight and healthy snack which comprises of lentil dumplings dipped in mustard flavored fermented water. It is spicy and refreshing at the same time. This shop is standing in the market for over 35 years.

Hathras Chaat Bhandar, Chopla Market

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This place is famous for its aloo tikki. Aloo Tikki is simply mashed potatoes, deep-fried in oil and served with two different chutneys and curd. This place in Ghaziabad serves a refreshing and fulfilling porting of Aloo Tikki which is populatr throughout the city.

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Yadav ji ke dahi bhalle

Credit: LBB

Dahi Bhalle is a popular chaat, especially in northern India. At Yadav Ji’s, bhalla, made of lentils, is loaded with spicy and sweet chutneys and lots of dahi. It is very refreshing to have one good serving of dahi bhalla in summers and given the heat waves that are going to hit us this season, having dahi bhalla is a must!

Moonglet Wala, Ghanta Ghar

Credit: Foodtravelstories

For those who don’t eat eggs, fret not, as there is another, equally tasty substitute for you. Moonglet, as the name suggests, is made of moong daal. It is made like a pancake, in loads of butter. At Ghanta Ghar, Ghaziabad, stands Moonglet wala, who prepares a fulfilling serving of this yummy treat and won’t give you any chance to complain. Don’t forget to get your moonglet topped with chutneys.

Muskan Burger, Kavi Nagar

Credit: Restaurant Guru

Don’t be fooled by the name, the place is not known for its burgers, but for something more exotic. Muskan Burger is known for its Hotdogs, which are prepared with an Indian touch. Their hotdog is filled with spicy and mashed veggies, which is bound to suit your Indian taste buds.

Mohan’s Ice Cream Stall, Ghanta Ghar

Credit: Just Dial

There is nothing better than Ice Cream to beat the heat in these rising temperatures. At Mohan’s in Ghanta Ghar, Ghaziabad, you’ll find a variety of flavours to choose from. Their mixed fruit ice cream, topped with tutty fruity toppings is a must try.

Gandhi Omlette wala, Navyug Market

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The egg is known for its versatility. There is no end to the experiments you can do with just omlette recipes. At Gandhi Omlette wala, you’ll find a satiating serving of omlette, loaded with veggies and made in loads of butter. You can get your omlette modified as per your preference.

Pandit Ji ka special matra chaat, Lohia Nagar

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Pandit ji at Lohia Nagar is especially famous for its unique chaat, made of boiled moong dal, matra and yellow peas. It is served with a special masala which gives the chaat its unique taste.

Pahalwan Dhaba, Chhoti Bajaria

Credit: Just Dial 

Pahalwan Dhaba is a 65-year-old establishment, best known for serving scrumptious North Indian cuisine. They have arguably the best chicken curry in the town. Apart from that, they have an extensive menu for you to choose from.

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