New Vegan Products We Tried at Expo West 2022

Published by Rebecca Maness.

Once again, PETA staffers had the opportunity to try out all the new vegan products that will be coming on the market while at Natural Products Expo West, an annual trade show at which companies show off new and exciting products. Many of the biggest vegan companies—including Gardein, Miyoko’s Creamery, and Violife—gather here each year. Check out new products from these and other brands that are making the world a better place for animals.

New Vegan Meat Options

It’s no surprise that vegan meat options were everywhere at Expo West. Vegan chicken and pig-friendly pork were the most common, and gluten-free pea protein was definitely the most popular ingredient. New brands like VFC and NotCo debuted items that are new to U.S. markets, and staple brands like Field Roast and Tofurky offered up new products.

  • Abbot’s Butcher: “Chorizo,” Ground “Beef,” and Chopped Chick’n
  • Daring: Gluten-Free Breaded “Chicken” Pieces and Fresh Tenders

  • Gardein: Breakfast “Sausage” Patties (Original and Spicy) and Ultimate Chick’n Wings (BBQ and Original)
  • Hooray Foods: Plant-Based Bacon
  • Hungry Planet Foods: Breakfast “Sausage” Patty

like meat vegan buffalo wings

the very good butchers vegan ribs

Fish-Free Finds—the Only Sustainable Seafood

The fishing industry is hell for ocean dwellers and the planet. We predicted that more vegan seafood options would be popping up this year, and we were right! Current Foods’ sushi-grade tuna and salmon rocked our world, and we’re loving the reformulation of the Sophie’s Kitchen line.

  • Sophie’s Kitchen: Plant-Based Fish Fillets, Smoked Salmon, Crab Cakes, Breaded Shrimp, Miso Salmon Burgers, Spicy Salmon Burgers, and Mango and Jalapeño Whitefish Burgers

Cow-Friendly Vegan Cheese

More vegan cheeses hitting shelves means more opportunities to prevent cows from being used for their milk. In the dairy industry, calves are torn away from their mothers so that humans can steal the milk, which isn’t ours to take. These cheeses are made from a variety of tasty plants—including cashews and coconut—for creamy, cow-free goodness.

core and rind vegan cashew cheese

miyokos kitchen vegan cottage cheese

Nondairy Yogurt, Butter, Sour Cream, Etc.

Besides vegan cheese, here are some other dairy-free products we saw at Expo West. Try Forager Project’s squeezable yogurt for your kids’ lunches, or bake your heart out with Violife’s new Plant Butter.


The egg industry is torment for chickens, who are forced to spend their lives laying eggs in cramped sheds, rarely feeling the sun on their backs. We’re glad vegan eggs—like Spero Foods’ pourable scrambled eggs made from pepitas and WunderEggs’ unique vegan boiled eggs—are becoming more widely available.

Snacks and Sweet Treats

Sweet desserts and savory snacks, including some new items from favorite brands like Abe’s, Dandies, and PeaTos, were prevalent at Expo West. And while it won’t be in grocery stores, we still have to give an honorable mention to the new vegan soft-serve from Ripple, made from pea protein, which will be launching in restaurants. 🍦

abe's vegan muffins banana chip

  • Bon Dévil: Ganaches (Salted Caramel, Caramelized Banana, Chocolate, and Vanilla)
  • Dandies: Maple-Flavored Mini Marshmallows, Jumbo Marshmallows, and Marshmallow Fluff

revolution gelato pies

truwhip vegan whipped cream

  • Vego: Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate Bar

vego chocolate

  • Whipt: Coconut, Almond, and Oat Whipped Cream

whipt vegan whipped cream

  • Wildbrine: Dips (French Onion, Ranch, Chipotle Lime, and Spinach)


New vegan milks made from peas and barley are hitting shelves along with some delicious sweet beverages like hot cocoa, milk tea, and vegan eggnog.

coconut cloud chai

joy milk tea


Prepared meals and meal helpers make it super-easy to eat well even when you have a busy schedule. Here are a few delicious options we tried:

before the butcher bolognese

  • Cedarlane Foods: Jackfruit Mac n Cheese and Chile Relleno Burrito
  • Daiya: Flatbreads (Mushroom, Caramelized Onion & Fig, Tomato, Sunflower Seed Pesto & Arugula; Meatless Italian Sausage Crumbles, and Roasted Pepper & Kale) and Cheddar Jalapeño Mac and Cheese

  • O’Sole Mio: Tortellini (Cheese, Beef, and Chicken) and Sauces (Alfredo and Rosée)


If you can believe it, this list represents only a fraction of the delicious new vegan products coming to stores soon. More brands are responding to consumer demand for animal-friendly options, so you’ll be sure to see new and exciting products on shelves near you. If you’re thinking of going vegan, try our 3-Week Vegan Challenge and order a free vegan starter kit today:

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