I Tried Montreal’s New Italian-Japanese Spot & The 2 Cuisines Are Somehow Tastier Combined

Like many people, two of my absolute favourite cuisines are Italian and Japanese. That’s why I was so excited to try Tiramisu, a brand-new Montreal fusion restaurant that describes itself as “Italian by nature” and “Japanese by love.”

As I walked into Tiramisu, I was floored by how gorgeous the space is. With its lush greenery (the bar is decked out in cascading vines) and gold detailing, the ambiance screams laid-back sophistication.

Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

We sat down at a super cozy yet cool-looking booth and began tasting a range of dishes. On the appetizer menu for the evening: burrata, sushi arancini, endive with stracciatella, and tuna tataki. Some dishes leaned more Japanese and others more Italian, but the combination of flavours worked beautifully together.

Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

Moving onto mains, we obviously had to dig into some pizza. We tried a classic Margherita, which is always my baseline test for whether or not a place makes good pizza and this one definitely passed! Then we tried the Mamma Mortadella, which is made with béchamel, mascarpone, pistachios, honey and mortadella.

Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

Of course, the perfect pairing with pizza is pasta. We tried seafood spaghetti with fresh squid ink, scallops, clams, shrimps, salmon and ikura as well as Tonkotsu Lasagna made with béchamel, fior di latte, miso, white wine and pork.

I Tried Montreal's New Italian-Japanese Spot & The 2 Cuisines Are Somehow Tastier Combined
Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

Next, it was time for dessert and I know what you’re thinking: “How was the tiramisu?!” A place named after this iconic dessert has a lot to live up to. Tiramisu’s version of tiramisu did not dissapoint. It’s made with Japanese whiskey as opposed to the traditional Marsala wine and rum, which gives it a really unique flavour. It’s also served with burnt marshmallow on top — a tasty touch.

I Tried Montreal's New Italian-Japanese Spot & The 2 Cuisines Are Somehow Tastier Combined
Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

We capped off the night with espresso martini cocktails. After all, Italian culture dictates that one should enjoy an espresso after a night of eating delicious food, drinking delicious drinks and laughing with friends — and that was our experience in a nutshell.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Italian & Japanese

Address: 989, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Located in the new Hampton Inn Hotel where Chinatown meets Old Montreal, Tiramisu is the perfect example of cultures colliding to create something totally unique extraordinary — and delicious — in the city.


In Quebec, a vaccine passport is required to access many businesses and activities deemed non-essential, including restaurants and bars.

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