How to Give Emotional Support to Help Others Get Through Problems

When someone is experiencing problems, especially those that are very influential in life, the support of those closest to them is very necessary. Not only physical, emotional support is also needed.

For some people, emotional support can help them to get through the problems they are facing well. What does it look like? How to do it?

What is emotional support?

There are two types of support that you can provide to people who are experiencing problems, namely physical and emotional. Physical support in the form of direct action can help to solve problems.

For example, the people closest to you are experiencing financial problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing this, you then provide physical support by donating some money and goods for daily needs.

Meanwhile, emotional support is a type of support that helps lift them psychologically or emotionally. Forms of emotional support include showing sympathy, giving encouragement, offering encouragement, reassurance, and affection to people who are in trouble.

For example, one of your best friends recently lost his father to an illness. You then provide emotional support through condolences and words of encouragement.

How to provide emotional support to others

For some people, emotional support is necessary for getting through problems. This form of support can help them to rise and avoid psychological problems.

Here are a number of ways to provide emotional support to others that you can do:

1. Respect the feelings of others

Respecting other people’s feelings is one way of providing emotional support. When you are in trouble, when you are disappointed, or when you lose someone close to you, let them know that you are always there for them.

If you don’t want to talk, don’t force yourself and try to give them space. Making room for yourself is a way to show that you care about them.

2. Giving compliments

Praising a family member, friend, or a partner is a form of emotional support. These actions can make them comfortable and confident in themselves. Not only that, giving compliments will also make them feel happy

3. Listen to their stories in depth

Emotional support can be provided by listening to the stories of those closest to you in-depth. When someone close to you tells a story, listen deeply. Also, occasionally quote what they have to say to let them know that you really do listen and care.

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4. Don’t be judgmental

Nobody likes to be judged. Therefore, never judge others when they are in trouble. Judgmental actions that you take later can only make things worse.

Avoid asking questions that could make them feel blamed or cornered. In addition, also convey your words in a voice and tone that is full of love and sympathy when speaking.

5. Avoid giving advice without being asked

Most people often give advice to people in trouble without being asked. From now on, avoid doing this.

Sometimes, some people just want to be heard, not advised. If you want to help, come up with a solution, wait for them to ask for it themselves. Giving some advice is okay, but don’t offend them. It could be that the advice is something they needs, not what they want.

6. Support their solutions

When those closest to you have found a solution to their problem, you may have doubts about its effectiveness. If their solution is not risky and dangerous, try to be supportive. Avoid telling them what you think they should do if they don’t ask for your opinion.


Emotional support is just as important as physical. This form of support can help someone to get up, and avoid psychological problems. Some ways to provide emotional support include not being judgmental, praising in public, listening deeply to stories, and giving advice only when asked for.

If the emotional support you provide is not strong enough to help solve the problem, direct the closest person to consult a doctor. Do it slowly and gently so they don’t get offended.

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