Healthy Soup Recipes For Cozy Season

Is there any better pick-me-up than a comforting, healthy soup recipe? Especially this time of year, when the weather is finally cooling off, it’s getting dark earlier, and we’re gearing up for the always-busy holiday season: we want to feel cozy and calm, and that’s just what soup delivers. We’d argue that the comfort soup brings starts before you even sit down with a warm, nourishing bowl. Selecting a hygge recipe, gathering together the good-for-you ingredients, spending time on meditative chopping and simmering, letting the mouth-watering smells permeate your house — all of these steps can feel just as calming and health-giving as ladling out and eating the finished product.

Have we convinced you yet? While store-bought soups can be just the ticket, sometimes it’s worth making a healthy soup recipe from scratch. And we have a list that includes a healthy soup recipe for every appetite, dietary requirement, and desired vibe. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegan, or vegetarian, you’ll find the perfect soup in this list of recipes to fit your needs. Keep reading for a list of healthy chicken soup recipes, healthy vegetable soup recipes, healthy bean soup recipes, homemade noodle soup recipes, and more.