Healthy Halloween recipes are sweeter than all that Halloween candy

With these healthy Halloween recipes from Dole, the treats are more plentiful than the tricks. Although the kids might want to have their overflowing bags of Halloween candy, parents might prefer to find a little balance. Healthy eating isn’t spooky; it can be quite sweet.

Dole has made healthy eating a priority for families. Whether it is its Disney inspired recipes or movie collaborations, the various recipes show families and good nutritional choices can bring smiles all around the table.

How has Dole made healthy Halloween recipes even sweeter?

Focusing on the goal of healthy, delicious and fun, Dole has shared a wide range of recipes that the whole family will enjoy making and eating this spooky season. As Melanie Marcus, RD, MA, Dole’s nutrition and health communications manager, explained, “from classic Dole recipes like our Sparkling Ghouls and Ghost Bananas to dishes developed as part of our ‘Fruits and Vegetables Don’t Have to be Scary’ collaboration with Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., we’re inviting pandemic-weary families to make this Halloween their tastiest and healthiest ever.”


Encouraging families to find balance with their food choices is important. As seen in the Journal of American Medical Association, “childhood obesity rose significantly during the pandemic.” While several factors could be the cause of this health issue, making better food choices can help to combat it.

With these healthy Halloween recipes from Dole, the treats offer food fun yet focus on a better for you option. By making smart food choices engaging, it makes it easier for families to gravitate toward these recipes.

What Dole healthy Halloween recipes will your family try first?

While Dole has a plethora of healthy Halloween recipes, one option that has captured everyone’s attention is Ghost Bananas. The Dole Bananas are transformed with coconut pieces and chocolate chips.

With this recipe, the kids can customize their ghosts. From simple to elaborate, each creation can be unique. And, the process of making them can be a fun family activity. Sometimes the best conversations happen around food.

healthy Halloween recipes from Dole fruits and vegetables

Dole Halloween recipes, photo provided by Dole

Other fun recipes include Crazy Eyes. While this snack might be looking back at you, it is a great way to get some fruit and protein in a single bite. Plus, this simple recipe is one that anyone can master.

Also, another great option is Orange and Green Meanies. Although this healthy Halloween recipe is a little more advanced because of the carving skills, it is an amazing visual.

These healthy Halloween recipes and many more can be found on the Dole website. In addition, these recipes might spark some spooky creativity in the home kitchen. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that happen in the moment. Maybe next year’s must have recipe is waiting to be discovered.


What Halloween traditions are part of your family’s celebration? Are you skipping the Halloween candy for something healthier?

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