Boni Filipino Street Food offers diners a streamlined taste of Bonifacio

G.A. Benton

Immediately after bemoaning the recent closure of two beloved restaurants — G.Michael’s Bistro & Bar and Wildflower Cafe — a friend and I moved on to the broader topic of the local dining scene in general. The continuing pandemic has clearly affected things in ways it may take years to fully digest, we mutually proclaimed as only two sages cradling beverages in a semi-reputable establishment can mutually proclaim. 

Addressing the situation further, my pal suggested that the kind of traditional, order-and-linger restaurants he tends to prefer might be fading away. “It’s like everybody wants to eat at Budd Dairy,” he said. 

Although exaggerating for effect, he raised a good point about the seat-yourself, eat-and-go oriented, trendy Italian Village food hall with multiple food stalls, which is owned and operated by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

Trisha Anderson

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