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Does Refreshment Mint AS gum outperform Bright colors and elegant packaging may draw attention, but are they all there is? Gum producers’ health claims are easy to believe because gum is so commonly available and a registered staple. Let’s investigate gum’s benefits.

Certain gums increase dental health. Your dentist sells brands with milk proteins that deliver calcium and phosphate to teeth to restore them. Gum strength exercise, like weightlifting, strengthens cellular machinery. This is true for several mints advertised as a refreshment.

Avoid candy- or citrus-flavored gums. Lemons and limes are refreshing, but their acidity causes tooth decay. For your peace of mind, buy gum with the correct components to prevent tooth decay. The correct gum is like carrying high-quality tooth protection. Dentists are available 24/7. Not everyone has time to eat and floss during lunch.

Why use Refreshment Mints?


Do you mean it’s just another mint candy? Try again. All of the flavors and sweeteners in True Mints are entirely natural. No added sugar, and nothing made from animals. Packaged in environmentally friendly materials.

  • TRANSITIONING FROM PVC-free gum to mints made from plants

We were busy transforming the chewing gum market before we got around to reimagining mint pastilles. In 2017, we made True Gum, a plastic-free alternative to traditional chewing gum, in our kitchens. Here at Planet Pastilles, we’ve extended our “no plastic” ethos to our plastic-free, plant-based pastilles. Our world is on its way to being healthy.

  • Goodbye synthetics, hello natural flavors.

Regular pastilles contain sugar and aspartame and acesulfame K. Aspartame as well as acesulfame K are popular artificial sweeteners. Many believe artificial sweeteners are safer than sugar. They also help lose weight. Aspartame, acesulfame K, and other artificial sweeteners are controversial.

These factors may affect migraine pathophysiology and appetite control. Pastilles often contain animal-derived gelatine. We eliminated artificial, animal, and sugar. True Mints contain only plant-based xylitol and stevia. Vegan certification guarantees no animal products or gelatine. Each is gift-wrapped in plastic-free eco-friendly packaging.


You want a timeless piece, right? Our True Mints Fresh Mint is what you’re looking for. It’s the epitome of pastilles, with a straightforward design that always leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

We offer True Mints Cherry as the optimally balanced and nutritious snack for those times when you just have to have something sweet. Equally reliable are True Mints Blackcurrant. In fact, its excellent refreshing flavor has made it a huge hit with consumers.

True Mints Orange is a necessary addition to our pastille collection, as its flavor combines the best of orange’s tangy and sweet sides. Have you ever wondered what real summer tastes like? Try our new, limited-edition True Mints Watermelon and enjoy the revitalizing rush of real watermelon flavor.


From the above Words, we Conclude that are the best option for Refreshment Mints, Training your gums is like lifting weights for your cells. Kitchen chewing gum made without plastic is the real deal. Both the xylitol and stevia in True Mints come from natural sources. The sweet and sour flavors of orange come together in True Mints Orange. Two of the most common artificial sweeteners are aspartame and acesulfame K. sweeter than sucrose by a factor of 200.

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