15 Delicious Street Foods Of India To Amp Up Your Tea-Time

Indian street food is made with a melange of spices, ingredients and flavours that give it a special appeal. When you bite into a plate of chaat, tikki, gol gappa and other dishes, we guarantee you’ll be hit with a wave of flavours ranging from sweet and spicy to tangy. While some elements of your street food may dissolve quickly in your mouth, others may be crunchy. Whatever the texture is, it will undoubtedly be delectable. The best part, though? Every city in India has something special to offer. Similar to how diverse the nation is, so is the food. For instance, Mumbai is known for vada pav, Delhi for samosa and Kolkata for kathi rolls. If you are someone who loves to try different cuisines, trying out local cuisine should be on top of your radar. In fact, no tour is ever complete without indulging in the authentic street-style delicacies the city has to offer. Whether grilled over an open flame, deep-fried or eaten cold, streetside nooks and stalls are surrounded by swarms of people eating lip-smacking food.

Given this, here’s a list of the most popular street foods in India. These street foods will tempt your taste buds like no other food in the world. Take a look below.

Here Are 15 Delicious Street Foods From Around India To Amp Up Your Tea-Time:

1. Delhi

  • Chaat: We are all familiar with this humble street food’s distinctive sweet, spicy, and tangy flavour. However, the chaat flavours available in Delhi are unparalleled throughout the world. From chaat papdi, aloo chaat and daulat ki chaat to dahi bhalle and bhalla papdi – for generations, these chaats have been an integral part of Delhi’s street food culture.Click here to know the recipes for Dilli-style chaat.

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  • Ram Laddoo: Ram laddoo is a classic street food only found in Delhi, but they are unlike any laddoo you have ever had. This street snack consists of chana dal and moong dal pakodas with grated radish and spicy green chutney. You will definitely start to sweat after eating these hot ram laddoos.Click here to know the recipe for Ram laddoo.

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  • Samosa: Every tea lover will adore this popular snack! The classic samosa is popular among Indians all over the world, but it is especially popular in Delhi. Almost every chai wala in Delhi gives a samosa on the side, making samosa the city’s most popular street food. Click here to know samosa recipe.

2. Mumbai

  • Bombay Sandwich: What is the Bombay sandwich made of? It is made with very basic kitchen ingredients. Layers of cucumber, onion, and tomato are spread on top of tender white bread, which is also topped with a colourful herb chutney. After that, the sandwich is toasted until golden brown, revealing an oozing molten cheese centre.Click here to know Bombay sandwich recipe.

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  • Bhel Puri: Another popular snack in Mumbai is Bhel puri. This snack is made with puffed rice, onions, spices, chutneys, and crunchy mathri pieces. It is a very affordable snack that is also easy to transport.Find the complete recipe of bhel puri here.

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  • Vada Pav: One of Mumbai’s favourite street food snacks is vada pav. Mumbaikars love these buttery soft pav buns stuffed with a crispy Aloo Bonda and accompanied by spicy garlic, mint, and peanut chutney. Click here to know the recipe of vada pav.

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3. Kolkata

  • Jhalmuri: What is Jhalmuri made of? Jhalmuri is a popular Kolkata street food that consists of spices and puffed rice. This puffed rice is combined with green chilies, onion, cucumber, and tomatoes. Jhalmuri also includes a special spice mixture, which includes chaat masala and mustard oil. Click here to know jhalmuri recipe.

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  • Puchka: It is a spicy, tangy, thirst-quenching street food that is enjoyed by everyone. A distant cousin of gol gapas, puchka is prepared with a mixture of boiled gram and mashed potatoes as filling. The chutney is quite interesting (read: tangy) and the water is spicy. 

4. Chennai

  • Sundal: A variety of legumes, including black-eyed peas, green gram, kidney beans, chickpeas, and others, can be used to make Sundal. This snack is spiced up with urad and chana dal to give it a kick of flavour! Click here for the recipe of sundal.

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  • Chicken 65: The delicious deep-fried dish known as “Chicken 65” originates from Tamil Nadu. A simple spicy and flavorful snack recipe. This dish is crispy and meaty, making it perfect for special occasions. Find the recipe of chicken 65 here.
chicken 65

5. Ahmedabad

  • Bhungara Batata: The Gujarati street food dish known as ‘Bhungara Batata’ is legendary. The yellow hollow fryums are known as Bhungara in Gujarat, and these crispy fried snacks are dipped into the enticing potato dish. For the recipe of bhungara batata, click here.
  • Sev Usal: Sev is a popular ingredient in Gujarati cooking, and this recipe is all about the crunchy texture of this namkeen with a satisfying curry! Click here for sev usal.
  • Fafda: Fafda, a popular Gujarati snack made with gram flour, turmeric, and carom seeds, is a popular Gujarati snack. It’s deep-fried and served with flavourful chutney. Click here for fafda recipe. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go try out these delicacies and let us know how you all liked them in the comments below.

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