10+ Healthy Skillet Breakfast Recipes

Grab your skillet and whip up one of these healthy and delicious breakfasts. From savory baked eggs to sweet Dutch baby pancakes, these one-pan meals are easy to make—and quick to clean up later. Recipes like our Egg, Hash Brown & Bacon Breakfast Skillet and Apple Dutch Baby Pancake are so tasty, you’ll want to make them again and again.

Egg, Hash Brown & Bacon Breakfast Skillet

This breakfast skillet with eggs and hash browns is reminiscent of the hashbrown bowl at Waffle House. It’s filling and tastes decadent, but is still a pretty low-calorie breakfast.

Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

This one-pan puffy oven-baked pancake recipe will wow brunch guests. Make it your own by swapping out the apple for pear slices, or switch up the spices and try cardamom or ginger in place of the cinnamon.

Broccoli & Parmesan Cheese Omelet

This high-protein breakfast recipe features broccoli and cheese folded into a light and fluffy omelet.

Salsa Egg Skillet

Ted Cavanaugh

Poach your egg right in flavorful tomatillo salsa to put a little kick in your breakfast. It’s even better if you have some Roasted Tomatillo Salsa in the fridge.

Artichoke & Egg Tartine

For a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast, serve up fried or poached eggs on top of sautéed artichokes and toast. If you can’t find frozen, be sure to rinse canned artichoke hearts well—they’re saltier than frozen. Serve with hot sauce on the side, if desired.

Southwest Breakfast Skillet

Carolyn Hodges, M.S., RDN

One skillet is all you need to create this satisfying, veggie-loaded breakfast (or dinner) dish. This skillet is packed with mushrooms, bell pepper and chard to help up your veggie count for the day and is topped with bacon, eggs, cheese, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.

Cheesy Egg Quesadilla with Spinach

Johnny Autry

A cheesy, spinach-packed quesadilla is topped with a sunny-side-up egg for a quick, protein-packed breakfast. Top with hot sauce for a kick of spice.

Mushroom Omelet

Photography / Victor Protasio, Styling / Ruth Blackburn and Christina Daley

For a quick breakfast, learn how to make this mushroom omelet. Sautéing the mushrooms with garlic adds a punch of flavor in this healthy breakfast recipe.

Summer Skillet Vegetable & Egg Scramble

Don’t toss out those almost-past-their-prime vegetables and fresh herbs. Toss them into this skillet egg scramble for a quick vegetarian meal. Nearly any vegetable will work in this easy skillet recipe, so choose your favorites or use what you have on hand.

Pesto Scrambled Eggs

Photographer / Brie Passano Styling / Annie Probst / Holly Raibikis

Pep up breakfast (or dinner) with a little pesto. And be careful not to overcook your eggs. Scrambled eggs are at their best when you see soft, creamy curds. Serve with a slice of whole-grain toast and sliced tomatoes.

Spinach & Cheese Breakfast Skillet

Eating a big healthy breakfast’ like this 700-calorie hash-and-egg recipe’ may help lower your levels of ghrelin, a hormone that signals hunger, and reduce snack cravings later in the day. Plus, research shows eating the bulk of your daily calories earlier in the day could help you lose weight. If you’re looking for a lighter breakfast, this recipe can serve two.

Tomatillo Breakfast Tacos

Loaded with 20 grams of protein, this breakfast taco recipe is a satisfying way to start the day. Queso blanco, also known as queso fresco, is a soft, slightly salty fresh Mexican cheese. Look for it in Latin markets and large supermarkets.

Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Kale

You can make these three-ingredient tomato-simmered eggs with things you probably already have on hand in your freezer and pantry. To make these baked eggs more like eggs in purgatory, look for a spicy tomato sauce and don’t forget some whole-wheat bread for dipping.

Potato Frittata

Photographer: Jen Causey, Food Stylist: Ruth Blackburn

This potato frittata is packed with fresh herbs and vegetables. Dill havarti adds a creamy, mild flavor to the dish. The frittata releases easily from the cast-iron pan, revealing a savory crust on the bottom that adds flavor and texture.

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